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Irene Cherng and Stanley Liu
April 29, 2019
Support Center Origins: Early Days
Panda Expressed sits down with two of Panda Restaurant Group's original associates, Irene Cheng and Stanley Liu, to discuss their decades of experience as members of the Panda family.

Show Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • 00:35: Introduction to Irene Cheng
  • 01:35: Introduction to Stanley Liu
  • 02:35: Why Panda at the Time?
  • 05:38: Early Memories at Panda Express
  • 08:00: Closing the gap
  • 09:06: Favorite Memories of the Early Days
  • 11:17: Andrew and Peggy Modeling the Way
  • 14:13: A Memorable Lesson From Andrew