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Peggy and Andrew Cherng
August 19, 2019
Andrew and Peggy’s Deeply Held Values
Andrew and Peggy join Panda Expressed to share their perspectives on Panda’s core values: Proactive, Respect/Win-Win, Growth, Great Operations and Giving.

Show Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • 0:30 – Lightning Round With Andrew
  • 4:04 – Why It’s Important For Leaders To Model Values
  • 5:17 – Understanding Panda’s Values Through Andrew’s Eyes: Respect/Win-Win, Proactive, Growth and Continuous Learning
  • 17:51 – Lightning Round With Peggy
  • 20:21 – Origin of PRG’s Core Values
  • 20:38 – Understanding Panda’s Values Through Peggy’s Eyes: Respect/Win-Win, Great Operations, Proactive and Growth
  • 25:10 – How Peggy Lives Out Her Values Everyday