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Stanley Liu and Dr. Juan Rivera
March 9, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccines 101
Special guests Vice President of Operations Services, Stanley Liu, and board-certified cardiologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Dr. Juan Rivera, join Panda Expressed to address Associates’ concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Show Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

Associates’ top three concerns regarding vaccinations are side effects, effectiveness, and safety. Here are important facts to know:

  • The CDC recommends that all people 16 and older, including pregnant women, get vaccinated.
  • The most common side effect is pain and swelling in the arm where you got the shot.
  • Other common side effects include fever, chills, tiredness and headache. Side effects can last 24-36 hours.
  • Allergic reactions are uncommon. 11 people out of 1 million may develop an allergic reaction that typically occurs within 20 minutes of vaccination.
  • The vaccine is very safe and effective.

Additionally, Panda highly recommends that all Associates get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible. However, getting the vaccine is not required for continued employment or promotion.

The following has been prepared by Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. (“Panda”) for informational purposes only and must not be considered a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Do not act or refrain from acting based on the contents of this video. Some of the information may be dated and may not reflect the most current developments related to COVID-19 vaccinations. Any opinions expressed in or through this podcast are those of the individual speaker and may not reflect the opinions of Panda. Panda disclaims all liability for actions you take or fail to take based on any content in this podcast.