Jun 14, 2021

Panda Expressed welcomes back Andrew Cherng for our first in person recording in over a year to hear how he’s feeling now that he’s fully vaccinated and out on the road living into our people-first mission by visiting our stores and operators.

Show Summary:

Following a lightening round of questions, Andrew shares lessons from some of his most recent store visits. The key to our growing success is already in our hands, and on our grills!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The benefits of getting vaccinated and getting back to normal
  • How we can create an unbeatable guest experience by focusing on fresh, small batch cooking
  • The importance of a healthy mindset as we approach new challenges, such as labor shortages, in order to efficiently manage our stores
  • Through store visits, our leaders live out our mission of putting people-first, and are committed to listening and caring for our associates to build a better life