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Peggy Cherng with associates
July 20, 2021
Peggy’s Hope for the Future
Following a lightening round of questions, Peggy shares how getting vaccinated impacted her life. She also focuses on putting people first and the effect it has on our Panda Family and the communities we serve.

Show Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • Getting vaccinated is not just about protecting yourself but is a service to others that allows for the freedom and safety to connect with those most important to you.
  • A focus on our strong Panda Family culture will help combat labor shortages -- we take care of our people.
  • How listening can help, us as leaders, build trust with our associates and better understand their needs. 
  • We are expanding our Panda Cares Centers of Hope -- opening across all CMN Hospitals and Boys & Girls Clubs -- allowing us to care for our communities by giving back good fortune and hope to those in need.