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Andrew Cherng
July 12, 2022
Andrew's Mindset
Andrew joins Panda Expressed to share how the principles and questions from his mindset graphic can help us become better leaders and drive progress for our business and people.

Show Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

Andrew's Mindset


Download Andrew's Mindset graphic HERE

  • 00:32: Lightning Round
  • 05:25: Introduction to Andrew’s Mindset
  • 05:52: Did I Add Value Today? -- Aiming for Measurable Results 
  • 07:28: Would I Recommend What I Do to Others? -- Going Above and Beyond, Inspiring Yourself
  • 10:20: What Can I Do to Make Things Better? -- Making Work More Effective and Achieving Better Results
  • 12:10: What is the Good Business Reason for Doing This? -- Reason and Why for Change 
  • 14:12: Be a Street Fruit Vendor -- Ownership Mentality
  • 15:43: The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything -- Good Habits Lead to Success
  • 16:50: Papaya Management -- Listen to Episode 13 and Learn More
  • 17:32: Do I Inspire Others? -- Becoming a Better Model
  • 19:00: Mission of Inspiring Better Lives
  • 20:48: Chinese Characters: Self Awareness, Giving, and Growth 
  • 24:48: Do, Get it Done -- Being Results Oriented 
  • 30:34: Life is About Positioning 
  • 31:20: Closing Message