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Andrew and Andrea sit at table recording podcast
June 25, 2024
Andrew’s Reflections: Honoring the Past
In this episode, Andrew joins us to share more about his life, family history, stories of growing up with his parents and their influence.

Episode Shorts

Show Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • 2:10: Andrew remembering his childhood home and the community of neighbors
  • 6:28: Reopening Pasadena Panda Inn to elevate and honor our blessings and origin
  • 8:26: Andrew’s biggest wish for Mama Cherng
  • 11:09: How Andrew has been able to give back to the village he came from
  • 16:40: Remembering Master Chef Ming Tsai Cherng as a man of few words but lots of action
  • 21:34: Reflecting on coming to the U.S and grateful for all the learnings along the way